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In Defense of Ridin' With Biden

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

By: Andre Jackson

So if we operate from a perspective... wait a minute- let me start over. I believe that if we operate from a perspective of "A More Perfect Union" it helps settle dilemmas and conundrums and your head. Because if we ever expect to get perfect solutions or candidates... from, and in politics... we may as well not vote. Its NEVER going to happen. See, you're not trying for perfect, this ain't the Olympics, there's no perfect 10 in competition. So you're trying to get better... more perfect- than before. And what is the game...?

Andrew Young said it many years ago and I was there to hear him- UofH, Univ. of Houston, CLC, mid-1980's. He said "politics is about money and if you don't have somebody representing your interests sitting at the table when its being divided up you're in deep do-do." So there's never going to be a perfect candidate, and Joe Biden is so far from perfect it ain't even funny. But cast up against this human trash-heap that is Donald Trump... it's a no-brainer! And here's maybe even the larger/better point. A lot of times, it's not so much about the main course as it is the side-dishes. And the menu of possibilities with a Biden presidency is so much more appealing than what we're getting and would get more of with this fool that makes it a slam-dunk. Biden helps up and down the ticket- in the senate, in the house, better department heads and federal judges... all around the nation. Everythang! Some things you can be deliberate about... others require action, and still others- Immediate Action. So you can contemplate until you're comatose, if you wanna... but you've all heard of 'paralysis by analysis'...? That sh*t is real! This is an easy one Dawg. Better the low hanging fruit over a continuation of 'Strange Fruit.'

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