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Gun Violence is Scary

My young brothers, now that you have the right to carry a gun, know this; When you fire your gun into the air in your neighborhood, it scares your neighbors. When you fire your gun at others in your neighborhood and miss your intended target but hit something else, it scares your neighbors. When you fire your gun and kill someone that looks like you in your neighborhood, it scares your neighbors.

Don’t just think about the immediate impact of your gunshot, think about the aftermath and how many people are affected from a single shot.

All a neighborhood wants is a stress free, peaceful existence so they can raise their families. As young men growing up, your responsibility is to YOUR neighborhood & your community. Guns should be used to protect your home, your family, your neighborhood and of course, to gather food if it becomes necessary. If you have a gun for that purpose you may never have to fire a single shot. The security comes in having the gun, rarely is it, in firing the gun.

As we have discovered, 99% of deaths by gun violence are just stupid; “he stepped on my shoe, he bumped into me, he sold me some wack weed, he disrespected me, he said something about my momma”. Whatever it was, it’s just not enough to die for. When a Black man kills another Black man, he is killing himself and his future. He has also taken away from the world, another opportunity for our Black sisters to have a husband, a helpmate and a father for a child. The man that is killed is one less man to protect our neighborhood. The less we kill, the more we live. We must die for a cause, not because. Guns are scary, but gun violence is scarier. Be wise, keep our race alive. SHARE

(What prompted this story is, my wife and I had company over to my mother in laws home for dinner around 4pm. About 20 of us gathered to break bread after which, about 10 of us stepped out to the front lawn and driveway to smoke cigars and cigarettes and of course to tell old stories. The age spread was from 2 to 82, my grandson and a great grandmother. All of a sudden we heard 5 consecutive shots. The group scattered back into the house really frightened. Only three people remained behind, all responsible gun owners. We knew that the gunfire came from someone shooting into the air. Senseless gun play that frightened an entire neighborhood and destroyed the fun we were having at home.)

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