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Diabetes, A Silent Predator in the Black Community

November marks National Diabetes Month, and is a great time to spotlight a health issue that

hits hardest in the Black community. Whether you or a family member grapples with nerve pain, kidney issues, vision impairment or cardiac complications, the “The Sugar” as it was referred to when I was growing up, often lies at the core of these health woes.

The alarming statistics, which anyone can Google don't lie, and unfortunately they’re getting worse. In light of this trend, its time to act. Sensible Health Initiatives (SHI) is on a mission to ignite a positive transformation in the health of Floridians, and we’re calling on you to join the movement to stem the tide on type 2 diabetes.

The first step to combat this chronic disease is knowing where you stand. Getting an A1C test

will show if you are prediabetic or diabetic. This simple test is a doorway to understanding what you need to do next.

With the results in hand, prevention takes center stage. If you are prediabetic, changes in diet

and exercise can be powerful. Yet, living in a food desert, where fresh, affordable food is often scarce, can challenge these positive steps. But there's hope. Local farmers markets and urban farming are on the rise, helping to bring fresh food to our tables.

While becoming more aware of diabetes’ impact is good, now is the time for action. Our

signature 5K and 10K endurance races, paired with programs that educate and provide

essential health resources, aim to inspire individuals to improve their well-being. But the journey doesn’t end there. The battle against diabetes is strongest when there is community


Volunteering with SHI is an opportunity to be part of something bigger. Your time and effort can contribute to change, impacting not just your life, but the many lives that make up your community. Together, we can turn the tide, making a lasting difference in the lives touched by diabetes.

As the month progresses, consider taking a stand against a KILLER. Your action today is a step towards a healthier tomorrow. Be part of the solution by signing up to volunteer or simply

check out the latest blog post on the SHI website: Your involvement today crafts a healthier future for our kids, who are the legacy of the Black


Trey Brady

Executive Director, Sensible Health Initiatives

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