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A Taste of Armageddon

I’ve been monitoring for this whole past week, the many reactions, peaceful and thoughtful, as well as those that are troubling and disturbing, and I come away from it all unchanged in my understanding and calm. You see as far as I am concerned- they’re both appropriate.

To say that human life is difficult is an understatement. And so, to imagine that any one single reaction or response to extremely visceral, troubling and violent details and imaging is simply immature or silly.

I believe, or would like to believe that if I were at a place where a lot of commotion began and resulted in some of the rioting, burning and looting being highlighted on newscasts, that I could avoid being swept up in the madness. But I am also hopefully old enough and wise enough to understand that I’m not everybody… and everybody is not me. It’s just like when I hear talk about Michael Jordan and how he managed to distance himself from so much of the social justice warrior positioning over the years. I remain as steadfast now as I was then.  If it’s not right… if you don’t have a natural inclination to get involved, if it is- as the song says, just Isn’t in your blood, stay away. You can only be an impediment if you’re not committed. But the other side of that though, if it moves you… if you feel compelled, if in the end you are, like a moth to a flame and drawn to it, it is already written in the book of the tide of times to play your role. And even as I say that, for those who are going on about how wrong it is to burn, loot and destroy, oftentimes seemingly in their own backyards, I offer up- Star Trek Season-1 Episode-23: “A Taste of Armageddon.”

The bottom line being: as long as the struggle is neat and orderly and contained, it can potentially go on forever. And why not. It isn’t hurting anybody. It isn’t until it starts to get messy… breaks… bones… burning… bodies, that real solutions are sought and then put into place… piece by piece in the absence of peace.

There are those of us who believe the whole of human history, indeed life itself… this world, to have been conceived by one of these two processes. Either the great, giant and masterful puppeteer took a giant clump of clay and rolled it up into a ball and cast it out into open nothingness, and breathe life into it… all in six days. While others believe the beginning was the result of a collision of massive amounts of matter, gasses and energy resulting in a Big Bang! Here again… I am as open to one as I am the other in as much as either way, what it has come down to is the world we have today. Still, with so much breathing and exploding, yet to be done.

By: Andre Jackson, Dre'

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